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There is no fee to use the park as the park cannot be closed to the public.  Lutsen Township does not take resevations or bookings to use the space.


Park Located at 4944 Grandview Loop, Lutsen, MN


Alcohol consumption in excessive quantities is strongly discourged. Please maintain a family, friendly astmosphere. No smoking is allowed on the Park premises.


Camp fires only in the provided rings. 


Please clean up after your visit taking garbage with you [DO NOT THROW items in the toilet-- it cannot be pumped out if you do.] Please remove any decorations. 


Thank you 

Enjoy the Park!


Things at the Park:

Pavillion with picnic tables   Charcoal grills                               Volleyball court                           Playground                           Outhouse

Fire ring

Water spigot on pump house

Electric outlet on pump house

Things to Bring to the Park:

Trash bags

Charcoal, misc. grilling items


 Fire wood

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