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Lutsen Fire Department

Response capabilities

Draft 3.10.17


1. 2005 Fire Engine, 1000 Gallon booster tank, 1250 Gallon per Minuet Pump.1800 Gallon Portable drop Tank.  1- 350  GPM Portable Pump.

Seating for 5 fire fighters, 5 SCBA Units with 5 Spare Air Tanks.

2. 2011 Tender Truck, 1800 gallon Tank, 750 Gallon per Minuet Pump, 1800 Gallon Portable Drop Tank.1-350  GPM Portable Pump.

Seating for 2 Fire Fighters, 2 SCBA Units with 2 Spare Air Tanks.

3. 2013 F550 Rescue Truck,  1- 400 Gallon per Minuet Portable Pump.

Seating for 5 Fire Fighters, 3 SCBA Units with 3 Spare Air Tanks.


Initial Response:

2800 Gallons of Water on Lutsen Fire Trucks, an Additional 2800 Gallons on Automatic aid Trucks coming from neighboring department.  For a Total of 5600 Gallons on First Alarm to a Confirmed Structure fire.

Water Supply:  We have 2 Dry Hydrants in our district. The First is Located at the Public Water Access on Caribou Lake. The Second is at the Private Water access on Tait Lake.

We Currently have No Municipal Hydrants in our District!

All of our Fire Fighting water must be hauled in Via a Water Shuttle.



We have Automatic Aid Agreements, as well as Mutual Aid Agreements with or Neighboring Departments.

We also have Mutual Aid Agreements with the Minnesota DNR, United States Forest Service, and the Cook County Sherriff’s Department.


Our Rooster allows for 18 members. We currently have 15 on the Rooster.

They are all required to be Trained to NFPA 1001 Standards.

 We are In Recruitment Mode.



We Train Twice a Month, on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month.

 We dedicate a minimum of 24 hours per member per year to Training. We strive to attain the best possible Training.

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